What is Merseyside Road Safety Partnership?

Merseyside Road Safety Partnership is made up of the Merseyside councils, public services, transport partners, and most important of all, the Merseyside community.
We work together, sharing information, undertaking road safety initiatives and hosting events to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured across Merseyside.


In 2006, 770 people were killed or seriously injured on Merseyside’s roads. Something had to change. In 2007, the Merseyside Road Safety Partnership was formed to make that happen.

Through a combination of engineering, enforcement and education the number of people killed or seriously injured in 2010 reduced to 511, whilst the number of people killed reduced from 62 to 22. We continue to develop initiatives, introduce engineering solutions and undertake enforcement activities because no one should be killed or seriously injured whilst using the roads.

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