The British Horse Society (BHS) have a Riding & Road Safety Test that you should pass it before riding on the road

Advice for horse riders on the road

The British Horse Society (BHS) provides sound advice for horse riders and also operate a Riding and Road Safety Test, and it’s advised that before riding on the road, you should pass it. Riders should be aware of Sections 49 to 55 of the Highway Code which relates to them.

Choose appropriate Riding Wear

Riders should always wear a hard hat that meets the current standards and high visibility clothing. There are lots of high visibility riding products like helmet covers, tabards and waistcoats, arm bands, jodhpurs and breeches, gilets and jackets. Even on clear sunny days high visibility clothing makes it easier for drivers to spot a horse and rider from further away, and makes a huge difference on dull days.

Make sure you and your horse can be seen

It’s advisable to make sure the horse is wearing some form of high visibility equipment such as exercise sheet, leg bands, fly veil and/or tail bandage. That way, if you fall from the horse, he or she is more easily seen from further away and can be avoided by cars.

For more information and advice for horse riders, visit the HRSA website.

We are delighted to be collaborating with Merseyside Police and Merseyside Road Safety Partnership to deliver Operation Safe Pass.

Alan Hiscox, The British Horse Society